Schedules Direct channels fail

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Re: Schedules Direct channels fail

von atrottmann » 06 Mai 2021, 14:37

Apparently this is something that needs to be done for every affected lineup - after opening a support ticket for every affected one, it's now working again!

Re: Schedules Direct channels fail

von colin1951uk » 05 Mai 2021, 11:21

Everybody, it should be ok now. They emailed me and told me to retry my lineup and it's back up now.

So give it a try.

If you still have problems do what I did and raise a ticket from your Schedules Direct Account on their website and tell them which lineup(s) you want fixed. The ticketing system works much faster than posting on their Support Forum.

Good luck all.


Re: Schedules Direct channels fail

von colin1951uk » 04 Mai 2021, 16:17

Ok, I've just posted a help ticket on the Schedules Direct system about this and as soon as I have some clarification about what's going on I'll post on here.


Re: Schedules Direct channels fail

von atrottmann » 04 Mai 2021, 10:35

Clarification: The change was on the side of SchedulesDirect, not TVBrowser.

Re: Schedules Direct channels fail

von atrottmann » 04 Mai 2021, 10:34

Deleting sdjson.epg didn't help either, here.

Maybe they fixed the missing "transport" for some lineups, but not for others?

As far as I see, it's definitely a change on the side of the sdjson API which would be nice if it was reverted.

Kind regards

Andreas Trottmann

Re: Schedules Direct channels fail

von colin1951uk » 03 Mai 2021, 19:17

Jo, that didn't help either, still getting the same error message.

I did a complete reinstall (after backing up all my data in C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\TV-Browser\(version) and then deleting the original version file) and even doing that hasn't fix it.

I wonder if a recent Windows 10 update could be interfering with TV-Browser?

I'll raise a ticket with Schedules Direct and if it isn't them then I need to do a bit by bit reinstall and try and pin the problem down.


ps, if anyone else has a fix I'll be pleased to know about it.

Re: Schedules Direct channels fail

von Jo » 03 Mai 2021, 12:44

It also didn't work for me before, but now it works here without doing anything.

Maybe it could help if you rename (or delete) the file "sdjson.epg" in the settings at
and then do an update.

Re: All British channels fail

von colin1951uk » 03 Mai 2021, 11:51

I've just tried it now and still can't load any lineups for my post code. The same error message is cropping up.

I also tried a clear all json details, restarted, but it didn't help.

If you don't think it's TVBrowser I'll raise a lineup ticket with Schedules Direct as their forum doesn't appear to be monitored regularly by the admin.


Re: All British channels fail

von Jo » 02 Mai 2021, 22:26

Does this problem still occur? It seems to work now.

Re: All British channels fail

von colin1951uk » 02 Mai 2021, 12:22

I'm having this problem to.

I've lost my lineup and when I try to reload lineups using country/postcode I get a popup alert that says: "JSONObject["transport"] not a string" and nothing happens.

There has been a report about this placed on the Schedules Direct forum for about a week now with no response to date.

I'm not sure if this a TVbrowser or Schedules Direct problem.

Is anyone else unable to get data for the UK?


Schedules Direct channels fail

von cyrulution » 01 Mai 2021, 19:08

I don't get any British channels any more. I'm registered to "schedules direct" membership up to Juli. And three day ago all British channels disappeared. All tries to get them back failed. I did not do any changes with the channels. Further on the German channels work without any problems.
Wath's wrong? Schedules direct? TV-Browser? or me?

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