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von bucko » 03 Aug 2006, 00:03

Thanks, I found them.

I changed the "Settings" toc to point to the correct part of the "plugins and functions" articles. This way the info can also be found here.

Maybe someone can do the same for the german wiki ?

von bodo » 02 Aug 2006, 21:53

No, it's in the Wiki, but under the "Plugins and Functions"-Area.

http://wiki.tvbrowser.org/index.php/Sen ... Betrachter

von bucko » 02 Aug 2006, 21:34

I'm still working on the "Settings" part of the wiki, so far so good.

But now I noticed that the german wiki doesn't seem to be complete aswell. For example, the "Program details" part of the settings documentation is missing. Some other things too.

Am I correct?

von bodo » 01 Aug 2006, 21:04

You can see a screenshot of the Tool here:


Yes, the english translation is not very good, but hopefully this will change with the new Tool. It will make fixes very easy for every user :)

von bucko » 01 Aug 2006, 20:06

I'm working on the translation right now.

I'm not sure, but I hope I can put a lot of work in it this week. I'll try and get the "Settings" part done first as there seems to be a lot missing there.

The new tool you've been working on would sure come in handy.. I've spotted numerous inconsistencies with the english translation in the app. Let's make this happen.


von bodo » 24 Jun 2006, 20:07

Welcome Translators!

This will be an special area only for you. Here we will provide you with all informations you need.

At the moment we need translators for the wiki. Please translate a few pages of the german wiki ( http://wiki.tvbrowser.org ) to the english wiki ( http://enwiki.tvbrowser.org ).

And please also upload english screenshots.

With version 2.3 we will offer a special plugin for translators. That plugin will help you translating the application and all of it's plugins. Details (including some screenshots) will follow soon.

Version 2.3 will be available "when it's done" ;).

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