Problem getting XMLTV file parsed

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Problem getting XMLTV file parsed

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Man, I'm so lost now. I'll try and explain my problem;

I have a .XMLTV file I wish to process using 'XmlTvPDS'. The raw output seems fine to me but when I use the datamanager it only updates the channel/mirrorlist and the summary. So there's no program info in the prepared folder at all.
I think this might be a problem with the channel-id's or something, but i cannot see what is wrong.

snippet from my XML file:

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<tv source-info-url="" source-data-url="" generator-info-name="XMLTV" generator-info-url="">
  <channel id="">
    <display-name>Nederland 1</display-name>
    <icon src="" />
  <channel id="">


<programme start="20061231070000 +0100" stop="20061231090000 +0100" channel="">
    <title lang="nl">NOS-Tekst tv</title>
    <desc lang="nl">Informatie uit Teletekst.</desc>
    <category lang="nl">Informatief</category>

my holland_channellist.txt:

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nl;GMT+01:00;;Nederland 1;(c);;;;
nl;GMT+01:00;;Nederland 2;(c);;;;
nl;GMT+01:00;;Nederland 3;(c);;;;
nl;GMT+01:00;;RTL 4;(c)4;;;;
A few things I find confusing is the fact the example TvData.xml says:
"Since the channel information is read from the file TvChannels.xml you don't
have to add channel tags in this file."
But I though that's what the channellist.txt is for?
Also it states in the tutorial that the channellist.txt will be needed for the MirrorUpdater while I noticed it is needed for datamanager (aswell?).

Thanks in advance for any insight.