Translation needs screenshots

You want to help in translating of TV-Browser / the Help aka Wiki / the Webpage ?

Translation needs screenshots

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I've started translating "Neuerungen im TV-Browser 2.0" (see:New features)
Although I'll keep up translating as long as time allows I won't however be able to supply screenshots and I lack the knowledge of the english TV-Browser internal terms (Lieblingssendungsplugin = ?).

I did not re-read anything of what I've written so far but I guess anything helps.

P.S.: I copy pasted all the code stuff including the image tags as I don't know jack about that.

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I just registered so i can't help with the pictures.
Lieblingssendungsplugin = Favorite Channels PlugIn

actually the pics are from version 1.1, i'll make some new ones as soon as i can.

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Hi / Hallo

I'm willing to chip in a bit with the wiki but I don't seem to be able to upload images. Is there a reason for this? Some sort of new user protection perhaps?

For the mean time, I'll stick to helping with the text where I can :)

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Hi again,

I've started adding templates to pages so we can see which pages need improvement. Examples are :

New Features in TV Browser 2.0
Comparison of EPG's
Activate Logging

The templates are used as follows :

...for an article which needs screenshots of the english TV-Browser.

{{IncompleteTranslation|articleurl=<<url of german article>>|articlename=<<name of original german article>>}}
...for articles which have only been partially translated and need finishing,.

{{TranslationNeedsImprovement|articleurl=<<url of original german article>>|articlename=<<name of original german article>>}}
...for articles which have been fully translated but not by a native english speaker. The article needs a bit of a touch up to make it perfect.

{{GenericTemplate|templateheader=<<short description of the message to display>>|templatebody=<<the message to display with instructions for what needs to be done>>}}
...for all other problems with articles. For example, Activate Logging uses this template to display a message about improving formatting.

These templates should help us to keep track of which articles need to be improved and which ones are 'finished'. If anybody sees an article which needs improvement, please add the correct template so everybody can see that that article needs some 'help' :D

Und für die Deutschen, die das hier lesen. Ich kann keine Bilde im Wiki hochladen. Ich bekomme immer die Fehlermeldung :

"The upload directory (/var/www/virtual/ is not writable by the webserver."

Woran könnte das liegen? Danke ;)
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Upload of Images has been fixed.

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Super. Jetzt funktioniert es wieder einwandfrei. Danke :)

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Ok, screenshots added for New Features in 2.0.

I've also added screenshots to the Setup Assistant page as well as changing the Main Page to make it a lot more user friendly and funky ;)

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Re: Translation needs screenshots

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...Thanks so much, its fixed now.!! :D